Rapunzel, Rapunzel...

I Was Put on This Earth to Plague You

Here we are, alone at last... What would you like to know? Well, my real name really is Juliette, and no, I don't know where Romeo is. How original of you to ask! I am 13 months old, and I was born on the North Pole. Since then I have been pursuing a career as a nose-hair perm technician. One day I hope to claw my way up the career ladder and own my own unwanted-body-hair-grooming salon. A girl must have her dreams, you know. If you would really like some insight into my being, you could take a look at some of my favorite things:

Links, Schminks!

The Vonnegut Web: a site devoted to my favorite author, Kurt
Jeannie Nitro's Goth/Fetish Fashions: my favorite clothing source
Gort: my favorite collection of scary friends
Barb's Kids in the Hall Page: a good resource for reveling in my favorite comedy
the official Xena, Warrior Princess site: if loving Xena is wrong, I don't want to be right
Alt.Goth.Fashion Frequently Asked Questions: my favorite newsgroup and faq
Zero Population Growth: the only hope for the survival of this planet
Red Meat: I love the color red, and well, this is funny and has red in its title
The Ubiquitous Poop Moose: this is what you can get me for Christmas
Gothic Hair of the Week: Hair is the first thing that I notice about a person, especially if they have gorgeous, long hair.

Not enough information? Bored and voyeuristic? Want to know what I love and what I hate?

kitten with a whip

My kitty is always stealing my accessories for herself- I'm lucky that my favorite vinyl skirt is a bit big on her.

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