Don't you just love all the happy colors on this page? La la la! These are a few of the many things that I hate:


What can I say? It's an incredibly stupid thing to do. Many of my friends smoke, and I think highly of them as people, but I will never ever understand their addiction to cigarettes. Everyone knows that it causes cancer (although they don't seem to care, since apparently they're immortal), but did you know that it also speeds up the aging process? Smoking causes wrinkles and makes women start menopause earlier. Not to mention the damage it does to the environment.

Links for Smokers Who Want to Quit

To me, chili is the most foul-smelling substance in the world. I cannot be in close proximity to anyone who is eating it.

Foul, Icky Links for Chili-Loving Deviants
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Pat a fuzzy bunny.
Make obscene balloon animals and give them to wee tots.
Burn ants under a magnifying glass.

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