ChiChi Rodriguez-Jones!

Who is this enchanting avian enchantress, you ask? Well, she is a close friend of mine, and these are some photos from our most recent night out on the town. As soon as all of them are fed into a scanner, they will appear on this page!
O Rose! Thou art sick

ChiChi has many admirers, such as this young man who writes songs about her exclusively. However, our heroine appears more interested in her beer.

She'll only break your heart

Yet another man falls under ChiChi's exotic spell as she receives a free tattoo.

a good drumset to poop on

ChiChi is blessed with a heavenly singing voice, a fact which is recognized by this fine local swing band. They have repeatedly begged her to join the band, but she only has time for an occasional guest appearance.

Shameless hussy

When will men ever learn? ChiChi is too much woman for any one man! She belongs only to herself, although she can be had for an hour if you offer her a nice, juicy mouse. Click on her for more tempting photos.