My Cats

Goblin is a survivor. When I first saw him wandering around my neighborhood, he looked like he wouldn't make it. He was emaciated, and only had fur on his head and his tail. I started leaving food for him, and eventually I took him in because I thought that nobody else would want him. Many people told me what a bad idea they thought it was; in fact, my father said, "That cat is riddled with disease!" But as it turned out, he just had worms and fleas, from being outside. He was neutered and declawed when I found him, so he wasn't able to hunt and defend himself properly. He had chewed out all of his own fur due to stress.

More than a year later, Goblin is the healthy and beautiful silver tabby that you see in these photos.

As soon as I scan some photos, I will add pictures of my other cat, Impy. Impy was also a stray that prowled my former apartment complex. I caught glimpses of her stalking the ducks in the creek behind the building, and apparently my downstairs neighbor had started leaving food out for her. No one knows where she originally came from. But one night in April of 1999 I came home from a club with my friend Leea and saw her in front of my building. I was worried about her. Life outside is dangerous for cats, and she was probably about to go into heat. The world doesn't need more unwanted kittens, so I decided to take her inside until I could find a home for her.

So with the help of Leea and a container of Pounce (cat treats) I lured her into a cat carrier and took her inside. I think the poor thing had been starved for attention, because once I took her inside and sat with her inside a closed room she seemed happy to be inside and purred in my lap.

Impy and Goblin didn't like each other at first, but now they have become great friends. They chase and wrestle each other, and Impy even licks the top of Goblin's head to clean him.